Our Vision

Marston Thrift will be a sustainable residential community of the highest standard, characterised by quality homes within attractive landscaping and generous open spaces, set against a rural backdrop.

Acting as Master Developer, Catesby Estates will deliver the core development infrastructure, including roads, open spaces, schools, and community facilities. We will prepare and enforce a design code to ensure that the standard we set is maintained by our selected housebuilders.

Indicative masterplan of Marston Thrift:

This is only the beginning of the journey, we will deliver:

  • 2,000 new homes, including a range of home types and tenures including affordable housing
  • A 50 bed extra care facility
  • Two new lower schools and one new middle school, delivered alongside the new homes to cater for the increased demand for school places
  • A community hub with healthcare, retail, and leisure opportunities including a pub/restaurant
  • Improved walking, cycling, and public transport facilities, including a dedicated 'park and ride' facility
  • An extension to the existing Millennium Country Park, providing a significant new area of open space for new and existing residents to enjoy
  • New community woodland delivered in partnership with the Forest of Marston Vale Trust, increasing woodland within Marston Vale

Green Space

A new countryside park, would provide a natural buffer between the development and villages of Upper Shelton and Lower Shelton, whilst also delivering a significant new area of open space and habitat creation.

Accessible woodland will be provided, safeguarding rising ground to the north-west and creating opportunities for recreation and biodiversity. It will also help deliver the ‘Marston Thrift to Wootton Wood’ green infrastructure link creating a mosaic of woodland, open space, retained farmland, and hedgerows that extend across the northern part of the site.

A substantial green corridor to the south of the village will ensure there is a ‘green edge’ to development, and in combination with the countryside park and new woodland, provide a habitat/recreational corridor around the entire settlement.


The proposed residential land uses are grouped into four main character areas, each with its own distinct attributes, in order to create a strong sense of place and give the new settlement a clear identify.

The development will cater for the whole community, from first time buyers looking for affordable homes, families looking for a place to grow, and homes for those looking to enjoy their retirement in supported facilities.

With a commitment to the early delivery of social infrastructure we will provide a solid foundation upon which the new community can evolve, making Marston Thrift a perfect place to call home.

Proposed Plans

The concept masterplan for Marston Thrift is based on the establishment of four main character areas, each with its own distinct attributes, in order to create a strong sense of place and give the new settlement a clear identity:

Village Core

The Village Core, off Beancroft Road will form the heart of Marston Thrift. This will include a community centre, a health and social care hub, retail units, food & drink outlets, and a dedicated public transport ‘park & ride’ facility.

Countryside Park Edge

The Countryside Park Edge forms an attractive, semi-rural residential neighbourhood between the Village Core and the Country Park.

There will be high levels of connectivity between the new homes and the recreational footpath/cyclepath network running through the Countryside Park and the wider network beyond.

Woodland Edge

The Woodland Edge forms an attractive, leafy residential neighbourhood located between the Village Core and the community woodland.

A strong and positive built frontage along the interface with the woodland will establish a well-defined open space / recreational corridor and provide an attractive setting for residents.

Countryside Park

The Countryside Park, a large semi-natural open space, combining areas of woodland, scrub, grassland, surface water attenuation features, and opportunities for recreation and biodiversity.

This area will provide space for wildlife to thrive, along with ample space for dog walking, or just taking in the fresh air with the family.