Delivering Marston Thrift

Marston Thrift is not reliant on significant new infrastructure and benefits from the recently completed improvement work carried out on the A421.

The site is free from physical constraints, in single ownership and has immediate accessibility to existing transport connections. We are therefore capable of delivering housing early within the plan period, with the first residential completions anticipated within three years of obtaining an outline planning consent, helping to meet Central Bedfordshire’s strategic housing needs from the outset.

Master Developer

Catesby Estates will act as master developer for Marston Thrift. While individual housebuilders will take forward the build out of homes, Catesby Estates will put in place the early strategic infrastructure (open space, roads, utilities, schools and community facilities etc.) and will manage the site on a day to day basis, including construction management and jobs and skills opportunities.

We will deliver the strategic infrastructure including schools and community facilities first in preparation for each phase of development. The homes which will sit within each fully serviced land parcel will then follow on.

This approach will enable Catesby Estates to set the standard and establish the long term place-making vision for Marston Thrift, which will be achieved by maintaining an absolute focus on high quality design and materials.

The commercial elements of the local centre will be offered on either a self-build or completed unit basis with a variety of land ownership structures depending on user requirements.

A Design Code will be prepared for Marston Thrift to provide an overarching set of design rules to ensure quality of design throughout the development. As master developer Catesby Estates will ensure that the Design Code is strictly enforced so that the highest standard of design is delivered by the selected housebuilders.


Catesby Estates will retain responsibility for all Section 106 obligations, building of the schools and other community facilities.

A Community Trust model is proposed to deal with the procurement, management and long term maintenance of community infrastructure, including open space within the development.

The Trust will include representatives from residents and employees on the site, Catesby Estates and from the Parish and District Council and will ensure that the detailed design, scope and management of the community buildings, schools and infrastructure such as open space and other public spaces reflects community aspirations.

The Community Trust could also promote wider sustainability initiatives through a community website and forum, including monitoring the design and management of infrastructure and encouraging sustainable travel choices. The formation of the Trust and its objectives, composition and funding will form part of the Section 106 agreement.

Initial discussions with the Marston Vale Trust (the charity responsible for the Forest of Marston Vale) have explored the potential for the transfer of the new woodland extension to Marston Thrift to the Trust for their future management. The final decision on the long term management and governance will be made collaboratively with CBC at the relevant stage as defined by the conditions and the Section 106 agreement.