About Us

Catesby Estates plc believes in creating places that people are proud to live in, blending the desire for contemporary living aspirations in thriving communities with an appreciation for nature and the great British countryside. 

The pressure on the housing market is significant with the demand for homes outstripping supply.  An increase in life expectancy, immigration, single person occupancy and the demand for second homes being just some of the contributing factors.

We care about the communities we work with and create. We want to work with you and local residents on this journey to build a new community that fits and compliments its surroundings while benefitting existing residents.

For many first time buyers and young people, house prices are out of reach, with ever increasing deposits and monthly payments reducing the number of owner occupiers. This is why the average level of affordable housing across all our sites currently stands at 37%.

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Catesby Estates are part of Urban&Civic plc, the leading master development business in the UK. 

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